Gaming Advertising Board Is Considering First Case

By | September 13, 2021

According to the latest news on the legislation sector, the popular issue in the gambling industry is an advertisement. The authorities pay more attention to the gambling ads and how it influences the public. The Gaming Advertising Board of Denmark has criticized the provider for the promotion on the Christmas calendar on TV2.

Nowadays, online gambling operators pay more attention to promotion on social media. Even the TikTok ads policy creates conditions, under which gambling advertising will also be possible on the platform.

The Gaming Advertising Board, which has been established recently, has started working on its first case. As a result of the work, complaints were found. The case was noticed the last year when viewers saw the gambling ads before the Christmas calendar on TV2, JULEØNSKET, a popular show watched by millions of viewers each year. The public was indignant by the fact that it was seen by the minors.

TV2, which was the second side of the gambling advertisement contract with the providers, gave permission for ads before this show. The fact is that the Christmas calendar doesn’t target children under 18. This is a family show and that’s why the gambling ads haven’t broken the requirements.

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The Gaming Advertising Board’s decision

The Gaming Advertising Board announced that the gaming provider didn’t guarantee that the ads weren’t targeting people under 18. And that’s why the marketing initiative broke marketing rules based on the Gambling Law and the gaming industry code of conduct.

The majority of Board Members accepted these grounds as sufficient to criticize the provider, and a minority of them didn’t support this decision.

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