Gambling Behavior in Finland Becomes More Responsible

By | November 17, 2021

The number of authentications while playing slot machines among Veikkaus’ consumers has increased in 2021. Currently, personal authentication is counted by 80%. The next goal is to provide authentication among all Veikkaus games until the end of 2023. Check the latest casino news on the Login Casino website.

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The player authentication has been used as an additional tool for self-control while gambling. According to Susanna Saikkonen, VP for Sustainability at Veikkaus, currently, the main goal of the operator is to decrease problem gambling in the market, and the latest data is proof of the right course.

First of all, the average sum of losses on slot machines has fallen by almost €500 million since 2019. The number of customers playing slot machines has changed, as well. It has decreased from 300 000 to 250 000 during the latest years.

Another important aspect of such improvement of gambling behavior among customers is the increased loss limits. It caused 100 000 customers to stop gambling. The major part of hits was also related to self-imposed loss limits of under €200.

According to Veikkaus’ research, the biggest part of gamblers is men under 45 (76%), and the rest 26% are women. And after the loss limits were provided, the number of customers went down in both groups.

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