Gambling Ads on TikTok: TOP 3 Approaches to Success

By | January 6, 2022

TikTok covers an insanely colossal audience of over 1 billion people, and it’s easy to assume that this social media platform is at the pick of its popularity. Globally, many people use TikTok for their entertaining purposes, but some take another advantage of the service, namely promotion. Having so wide coverage, many companies are trying to promote themselves and make people know them. So, the same case applies to gambling promotion.

As you may know, gambling is prohibited or limited in its operation in many countries. Therefore, gambling ads on TikTok have a lot of restrictions, which don’t allow everyone to promote the gambling products without any difficulties. Thus, in this short article, we will explain the best gambling ads approaches on TikTok that will help you not to be rejected and make your gambling business recognizable and prosperous.

TOP 3 approaches for creating successful gambling ads on TikTok

From one side, it can be seen as an easy task to create a short video for TikTok and take advantage of it. But on the contrary, the main difficulty lies in moderation because it is approaching manually. And as an end effect, your video can be rejected, and all your efforts will be destroyed entirely in a moment. To avoid such a dire consequence, there are a few approaches that have a high probability of making your work done correctly and providing you with positive results.


Who doesn’t like to scratch, especially when it comes to lottery tickets or something like this? However, seeing what is covered behind this layer is an even more exciting moment. So, this is a fantastic way for the gambling promotional campaign on TikTok. You can make a short clip showing a straightforward process of scratching a ticket or something similar to this with a turnout of a massive win. Simplicity is a core component for this model, and precisely this thing can turn an ordinary person into a customer.

This approach is primarily used in the CIS counties and is acceptable for moderators in most cases. 


The second approach is to show a luxury lifestyle on your TikTok videos. Luxury supercars, incredibly huge mansions, mega-expensive jets, and extremely long yachts are essential for this kind of video. Showing this kind of lifestyle, you need to explain (with the help of a speech or text) how easily you received all these things thanks to an online casino or a specific casino game. In addition, you can use “white pages” to add credibility to your content.

This method is mostly preferable for Europe and America and has a lot of positive effects on the gambling campaign. What is more, you can notice plenty of videos on TikTok dedicated to the luxury lifestyle so that you can be sure that a moderator won’t reject your gambling video.


And the final way lies in creating videos based on the news approach. In clips of this type, it’s necessary to honestly share the good news about something unbelievably happy, like a crazy win in a lottery or online slots. It’s crucial to remember that there shouldn’t be a hint of hypocrisy, and the content should follow high-quality standards.

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