Gambling Addiction Experts Are Concerned about Dutch Market

By | February 15, 2022

In October 2021, the Dutch gambling authority allowed online gambling. Since that time, many changes have come. However, the local media has reported that some gambling addiction experts are not concerned about gambling ads because of insufficiently regulated laws. Do not miss the latest global casino news to stay tuned for updates.

The gambling addiction experts have faced the extreme growth of the gambling ads right after the online gambling law was approved. They see significant risks on the sensitive users because of the unregulated legislation sector for virtual activity.

The global analytics media Nielsen has reported the sum of casinos’ spendings on the advertisement. Monthly, from €10 to €12 million are spent on the advertisement campaigns. Initially, the government allowed gambling promotions to take gamblers away from the illegal market.

Leroy Snippe, a former addictions care worker, insists on the Dutch gamblers’ unpreparedness for such active promotion. Anneke Goudriaan, a neuropsychologist and professor of addiction, is sure that the nature of fun activity in gambling advertising creates a false impression of such time spending. Marketing agencies promote “fun activity,” but in reality, the ads consist of winning demonstrations instead of the gambling process and actual losses.

In response to accusations, Holland Casino – the leading Dutch operator – stated that all of their advertisements are carefully inspected by professionals.

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