GambleAware Research: 10% of Women Experience Harm From Gambling

By | August 19, 2021

Women’s experiences in gambling are often discussed in many of the trending casino news articles. The problem gambling charity, GambleAware, has researched the female gambling landscape in collaboration with YouGov and disclosed the key findings.

All women that participated in the survey were given a score on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGCI). The research found out that circa 10% of female respondents were experiencing harm from gambling to a certain extent, including: 

low-risk female gamblers (PGSI score 1-2) – 5.9%;
moderate-risk female players (PGSI score 3-7) – 2.1%;
problem female gamblers (PGSI score 8+) – 1.9%.

This is lower than the percentage of male gamblers that experience any harm from playing on casino sites (17%).

Young and BAME women are more likely to become problem gamblers

GambleAware has also found a link between a woman’s age and the level of gambling harm she’s experiencing. While women aged 18-34 were less likely to gamble than older women, at the same time, they were more exposed to gambling risks.

13% of younger women admitted to having experienced harm from their gambling, compared to 11% of female gamblers aged 35-54 and 6% of women aged 55+.  Moreover, 4% of young women were classified as high-risk gamblers, as opposed to 2% and less than 0.5% of problem gamblers among women aged 35-44 and 55+ respectively. The same tendency is accurate for male gamblers, as well.

A similar pattern is evident for women from a BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) background. Only 48% of BAME women participated in gambling, compared to 60% of white women. However, 16% or one in six women from a BAME background have experienced a certain level of gambling harm, compared with only 9% of risk white gamblers.

Most notably, 35% of problem female gamblers with a PGSI score over 8 were from a BAME background, compared with 12% of women overall.

Women are more affected by the gambling of others than men

According to the GambleAware research, women experience more harm from someone else’s gambling than men. 8% of women were classified as “affected others” (those who are harmed by someone else’s gambling), as opposed to 6% of men.

Gambling of family members, and especially of a spouse or a partner, had the most negative impact on women. While men were more affected by the gambling of a friend or a colleague. Additionally, 16% of female “affected others” were from a BAME background.

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