GambleAware Awards £4M to Launch Gambling Harms Research Hub

By | August 18, 2021

The British independent problem gambling charity, GambleAware, will grant £4m to a new Academic Research Hub that specializes in gambling harms. This commitment is a part of the organization’s goal to establish capabilities for diverse research in the problem gambling niche in the UK.

According to the latest news in the British casino sector, the new Hub will be the first academic institution to exclusively explore the field of problem gambling in the country. The institution aims to impact gambling research on a worldwide scale by bringing new diverse areas to the field of study.

Currently, the gambling research in the UK is delivered from a social science standpoint and is conducted by a low number of academics. GambleAware hopes that the Academic Research Hub will expand the range of disciplines involved in the research of problem gambling and build the evidence base for the study of gambling harm in GB. Login Casino site informs that the institution will also support and inform the wider range of organizations working to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling.

GambleAware will fund the research institution through an eight-month grant process. However, the charity expects that the Academic Research Hub will find other investment sources to ensure the continued growth beyond the initial grant.

GambleAware picked several universities to apply for the grant

The recent gambling news reports that GambleAware has selected several universities to participate in the grant process. The organizations were chosen based on university rankings and experience in gambling behavior research. The problem gambling charity invited to apply academic institutions that had a strong track record in disciplines like mental and public health, psychology, health economics, and epidemiology, etc.

According to GambleAware’s Research Director, Alison Claire, the main criteria is that the organizations apply a cross-disciplinary and public health lens to the gambling harms research. 

While only one university will receive the £4M grant, the charity expects that this institution will collaborate with other academic organizations and partners not only in the UK but worldwide.

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