Football Season Drove Italian Sports Betting Market

By | June 30, 2021

After a few months of crisis for the gambling industry, sports bets became one of the branches that saved it. In Italy, revenue increased to €328.5m. Read our news about betting to stay up to date.

Despite casinos didn’t make any money for so long, during the pandemic crisis, sports betting led the whole market upwards last month. The total result of the rise in May is 48.3%. It amounts to €153.6m.

Even when stores were closed, betting brands with a retail presence had better results than online operators. One of the most popular online-only brands fell last month to its lowest level for four years at 8.9%.

Comparison of profit with previous months

The income of the regulated iGaming market rose to €328.5m. It’s fourteen percent more than in April and ninety-four percent more than in May of the last year.

Unexpectedly, but one of the biggest poker companies was saved in Italy. With its share standing at almost forty-nine percent for tournaments and forty-two percent for cash games last month.

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