Fnatic vs. MIBR Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value

By | February 17, 2021
Pick: Fnatic to Win
Odds: -250
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We’re finally getting some action going, boys and girls! After a disastrous BLAST Premier Spring event, the opening-round Bo1 chaos called IEM XV Play-In was just the lucky break we needed! We’re two from two, snatching solid value and preparing our budget for the upcoming bo3 clashes. Fnatic vs. MIBR picks are based on a bo3; a thrilling bo3, to be more precise. It’s the elimination match – the losing team is out of the equation and has to say its farewells.

However, the winning team is not through to the group stage just yet. They still have to go through BIG in the second round. Yep, they have to go through BIG since Team Spirit made a proper upset in that portion of the bracket.

But, enough about all that! Let’s turn our attention towards some basic CSGO betting info before moving intro more concrete stuff regarding Fnatic vs. MIBR betting predictions!

Things to Know Before Placing Your First CSGO Bet

I pay close attention to the viewership stats; I know for a fact many people reading this are yet to find a bookie and place their first bet. If you’re one of them, here are two basic tips you should know before investing in your first-ever online CSGO wager:

Do Plenty of Research

Is CSGO betting based on luck and nothing else? Heck no, it’s not! If it was, it wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is! People bet on CSGO because the upsets are relatively straightforward to predict, and there’s a ton of value to be found in bo3 matches, no matter the competitive skill level.

That’s why you have to do plenty of research to be able to reach fact-driven conclusions. Stuff like past head-to-head matches, form, map pool depth and player morale are all equally important. No worries, we’re going through all that in our Fnatic vs. MIBR picks!

Don’t Invest Too Much

If you’re just starting out, the best practice is to take things slowly and bet only small amounts of money. There’s no point in investing hundreds of bucks without knowing the basics behind betting on CSGO online. And no, that’s not something you can learn overnight. Getting a grasp on how things work here takes time and patience – no need to spend a ton of money just to learn the basics!

Fnatic vs. MIBR Betting Predictions

No worries, fellas – we’re all done with the general info section. From now on, everything you’ll read here is about Fnatic vs. MIBR picks, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!


Fnatic had an amazing run on CS_Summit 7. They’ve ventured into the grand finals only to get beaten by in-form Virtus.pro. Even though they have two consecutive losses now, Fnatic is still in far better form than MIBR. They’re consistently playing against some of the world’s best teams, whereas MIBR hasn’t been that lucky lately.

Things might even go from bad to worse for MIBR, especially if they continue playing like they have in the coming weeks. They’ll miss out on big events if they extend their failed qualification season, and I can see that happening… unless they turn a new page, that is.

Map Depth

Moving on with our Fnatic vs. MIBR predictions, let’s focus on the thing we’ve mentioned in the CSGO betting intro – map pool depth! Needless to say, Fnatic is miles away from MIBR in this department. The only map the Brazilians should feel comfortable on is Dust 2 and perhaps Mirage. One of them will be off-limits, that’s for sure. But, even if they get their hands on either of the two, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll take it away from Fnatic. Just keep that in mind as we go forward with our Fnatic vs. MIBR picks here.

Roster Strengths

Which of these two sides has a more powerful roster? Well, it’s Fnatic – there’s no doubt in that! Brollan and the boys are enjoying themselves out here; they might not be in the form of their lives, but they (as a collective) have been doing many things right lately.

MIBR, on the other hand, is merely a shell of once-legendary Brazilian champions. They’ve invested a lot in the ex BOOM Esports roster, but I’m not quite sure it’s going to pay off. Don’t get me wrong, the roster has potential (I keep repeating that over and over again), but I still reckon they’re far below par of what people and fans expect from MIBR…

That said, here’s what I’m going with here:

Fnatic vs. MIBR Picks

MIBR had a solid match against Liquid in the opening round. They were dangerous, even too aggressive at times, which ended up costing them the game. Liquid, as most of us expected, took the win… but MIBR didn’t go without a fight.

I expect the same kind of performance from them against Fnatic too… though I also expect to see roughly the same result. Fnatic, even though bedazzled by OG in the opening round, should go clean through MIBR tomorrow. That said, if you want to bet correct score 2:0 in favor of the Swedes, I won’t stop you. However, for the sake of continuing our winning run, I’ll go with Fnatic match-winner at -250. It’s not the best value, I know, but it offers a solid base to build upon in the following IEM XV Katowice matchdays.

That’d be all for today, folks! Fingers crossed we’re three from three at the end of this one!

Fnatic to Win -250
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