Five Requirements for UK’s Officials from BGC

By | March 1, 2021

The Betting and Gaming Council outlined five primary items that should be adhered to by British governors to save the gambling sector. Among the key requirements is an extension of the business rates relief for the upcoming year and the industry’s support. The LoginCasino team follows the latest legislative news in gambling, describing BGC’s requirements in simple words.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) composed a letter to the Exchequer’s Chancellor with explanations and requests. The Council stands for the best possible standards in the gambling sector of Great Britain, now taking the side of land-based venues and asks for milder conditions for businesses. The suggested plan includes 5 points:

BGC asks for the extension of the business rates relief for the upcoming year as the brick-and-mortar gambling industry suffered significantly in 2020 due to lockdowns. As the UK has already imposed another one with smooth turning to normal life, which means reopening of betting shops only in April and casinos in May, BGC wants more survival options for the sector’s representatives.
In continuation of the request, BGC asks to avoid taxation and other stricter requirements for the gambling businesses. The Council reminds that the turn from offline to online has already caused the drop in revenues and appropriate treasury income from the sector, warning about the increase of illegal online gambling.
Another item relates to reopening requirements and requests not to change the schedule. According to the latest news, both the April and May reopening dates can be postponed if infected people’s situation doesn’t change. BGC insists that the gambling venues are example-like in terms of adherence to antivirus measures, and removing conditions like the 10 PM curfew will benefit businesses with no harm to citizens’ health.
The Council insists that gambling venues should be supported like other small businesses. The uncertainty of the future is one of the worst elements, and state financial institutions have to help gambling venues too.
BGC requires better regulation of the market, especially unlicensed ones. Thus, the turn to online gaming was accompanied by the growth of illegal gambling, which means fewer taxes for treasury and related benefits. Thus, the Council states that industries like horse racing can suffer because of the lower financial help from taxes, while stricter attitude to illegal sites will also increase the player safety and satisfaction.

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