Finnish Parliamentary Committee Won’t Support Veikkaus’ Monopoly

By | December 3, 2021

As the Finnish news about gambling legislation reports, the country’s Constitutional Law Committee sees no legal reasons to support the monopoly of Veikkaus – a state-owned operator.

According to the government body, there isn’t a legal basis for the Lotteries Act amendment, which may lead to blocking payments of other operators who provide services in the Finnish market.

Payment blocking is a violation of law

Although Veikkaus remains the only licensed gambling company in Finland, the parliamentary committee isn’t sure that blocking payments from other operators doesn’t violate basic rights. It is worth mentioning that the proposed amendment to the legislation is aimed at clamping down on gambling companies by imposing restrictions on their financial transactions.

However, the government body has doubts about the legitimacy of the proposition. In addition to this, there aren’t any ample grounds for this and proof that the new law will help to decrease gambling harm. Restriction on payments will infringe the constitutional Articles 15 and 18. Blocking customers’ winnings will mean a violation of the property protection act.

The parliamentary committee asked the Finnish government to consider other not so drastic measures for pursuing an objective. Get the latest updates on Finland’s gambling industry on the Login Casino website.

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