Figueiredo vs Moreno Rematch Set For June, Champ Still a Big Favorite

By | February 26, 2021

Last December, Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno battled to a thrilling draw which left both fans and pundits clamoring for an immediate rematch.

UFC President came out right away and said that they would run that matchup back again. However, it remained unclear as to when these two would put on their sequel.

Finally, almost two months later, we’ve got an idea as to when the rematch will take place.

Sources have indicated to ESPN that Figueiredo vs Moreno 2 will take place on June 12th, most likely at UFC 263. This was about the time frame that the champ was aiming for.

In a recent interview, Figueiredo (20-1-1) commented on why he was looking at June for the rematch:

“This Moreno fight, in my opinion, it requires patience. I want the time to fix some problems in my game. I see it happening in May or June. I’m not in a hurry and the rematch will happen. I want to be ready to knock him out. I’ll be 100% the next time. He showed great resilience, but I was hindered I was at 50% in that fight. When I’m 100%, I’ll be ready to knock him out or submit him. You can be sure of that.”

Figueiredo Remains a Large Betting Favorite

Most UFC betting sites, have Figueiredo listed as a large betting favorite despite the fact that Moreno (18-5-2 MMA, 7-2-2 UFC) fought an excellent fight last December. The champ is listed with odds ranging from -235 to -260, while the challenger can be found around +200.

In their first fight, Moreno was an underdog with odds ranging from +250 to +305. Figueiredo was listed at odds between -315 to -445.

A $100 wager on Moreno would net you $200 dollars. To win $100 dollars on Figueiredo, it would require a wager of $235 to $260 dollars.

Fight of the Year Candidate

Both competitors entered their title clash at UFC 256 having gone unbeaten in their previous five outings. For Figueiredo, this was his fourth fight of 2020 as he had already went 3-0 with two victories over the great Joseph Benavidez.

The fight started off with a very determined Moreno who showed the champ that he wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, Moreno recently stated in an interview that Figueiredo beats a lot of his opponents before the fight even starts:

“I’ve discovered the great secret of ‘Figgy,’” Moreno said. “He just tries to intimidate you and get you off your game – make you beat yourself. Once you cross that off the wall, you can see he’s just a human like you and me.”

The challenger also said that he is very proud of his performance from the first fight. And, he should be. Moreno took some serious shots from the champ and continued to come back.

Moreno appeared to take the first round, but Figueiredo made a big statement in the second round and it seemed like the challenger was in trouble.

A low blow in the third round halted the frenetic pace, but it also seemed to provide Moreno with extra motivation once he recovered.

Heading into the championship rounds, it was still anybody’s fight. But, that’s when things went from great to one of the best fights in 2020 and quite possibly the history of UFC’s flyweight division.

The two men would exchange some brutal shots in the final two rounds that would have put lesser opponents to sleep. In the end, the judges ruled this exciting contest a majority draw.

Will There Be a Different Outcome in the Rematch?

The two combatants came into this fight three weeks after previously competing at UFC 255 in separate bouts. Moreno defeated Brando Royval and Figueiredo successfully defended his title against Alex Perez.

Both competitors had roughly two weeks’ notice when they accepted the match. It was widely reported that Moreno was eating burgers and enjoying his recent victory as he wasn’t concerned about keeping his weight down.

The champ came into the title fight less than 100% as he was dealing with intestinal issues.

Now, both fighters will have full camps to prepare for this rematch. It’s widely expected that this sequel will not go the full five rounds and that we will see a finish.

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