Everything You Need to Know About Twitch Ads

By | May 28, 2021

Twitch is the largest streaming platform in the world, and it is really hard to overestimate its advertising potential. Hundreds of thousands of cyber-sportsmen, gamers, gamblers and popular hot Twitch streamers come here to have fun every day. However, many advertisers do not realize this and continue to ignore these great service’s features. If you do not understand the advertising principles of this popular resource, give our guide a few minutes. You will learn all the Twitch Ads’ key functionalities and uncover potential issues to avoid in the streaming ad niche.

Why are Ads on Twitch profitable?

If you have been living under a rock, Twitch has practically monopolized the video streaming market. Platform users visit it daily, and their sessions’ average duration exceeds 1 hour. Considering that the service has reached over 15 million regular active users by the end of 2020, these are more than promising advertising conditions.

At the same time, ads on Twitch make sense not only because of mere numbers. Being a typical gamer or gambler, you can easily interact with your audience in a real-time mode using a sidebar chat. Viewers regularly see you and are more likely to trust your ad recommendations.

Most streamers create large, friendly communities on their channels. If you also manage to gather a group of like-minded people around you, you can successfully advertise real or digital products that you use yourself to them. For example, you could recommend verified CS GO betting sites or other exciting web resources to them.

What are Twitch Affiliate ads, and how to manage them?

The platform’s affiliate program will allow you to monetize your channel and turn it into a reliable source of income. Many novice streamers get affiliate status but do not understand how to implement advertising on their channel properly. The following guidelines will help you master Twitch affiliate ads and get the most out of them.

If you do not want to disappoint your audience with a sudden ad break, prepare them for it. Managing ads manually, you can inform viewers of an upcoming video ad section. And streamers that rely on automated services can warn users about advertising breaks in the information section of their channels.
Running ads right in the beginning or in the end of your streams will bring fewer views on average. Also, keep in mind that many viewers come to you immediately after pre-roll ads, and they clearly do not want to watch a few more ads. It will help if you run your ads when your broadcasts attract the most viewers.

Streamers and different esports teams overwhelm their audience with advertising information often, and you can avoid this. First, run ads for no more than 1 minute per hour. This approach will allow you to introduce the audience to the new stream’s features relatively smoothly.

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