European Gaming Regulation Trends

By | April 9, 2021

The 21st century has so far been an era of technology when successive innovations have been made possible. Apart from these various advancements, Europe also focuses on establishing a deeper initiative to regulate the gambling area in the current century. Everything has changed or enhanced to make the gambling regulation work better to the intended audience.

Providing the most accurate and up-to-date laws is the main purpose of European gaming regulation. For those who are involved in the gambling sector in this continent, it is time they were aware of the trends in European gaming regulation.

Customer protection

Player protection is such an important and serious matter for the gambling industry as scams are becoming less common in this field. When it comes to customer protection, the first name that comes to mind is the gambling regulator. Despite being tied regarding the economic significance, European countries are independent in the way they regulate their gambling industry. In fact, each nation has established its gambling legislation to protect the gamblers as well as promote a responsible gambling environment.

Nonetheless, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) was created to license and regulate the gambling industry within the EU (European Union). This Brussels-based trade organization aims to work together with EU authorities and other gambling watchdogs in the goal to offer a high level of customer protection.

More taxes and fines

Europe is a great location to gamble fairly and securely. Not only is this sphere completely legal and fully regulated there but the players also able to withdraw their winnings freely. New regulations related to the tax have been launched in which the operators have to pay more taxes. That’s why many operators switch to crypto transactions in order to reduce the fees. However, gambling tax on gamblers is free in some nations, like the United Kingdom or Italy, but in other countries, including France, the players have to deal with taxes.

Concerning the fines, new regulations to implement stricter measures have also been applied to protect the players. The gambling companies will, hence, be handed big fines over failure to protect their customers. It is worth mentioning that the fines against gambling operators have risen significantly over the last five years.

Responsible gambling politics

The campaign to promote responsible gambling among customers is also a trend in the gambling regulation in Europe. This politics aims to tackle gambling addiction and underage online gambling. Free independent organizations and other associations were launched to help compulsive gamblers as well as minimize gambling-related problems.

Some of them are well-reputed to offer the best and effective schemes created to reduce gambling harms. For example, in the UK, a well-known program called GamStop is compulsory for every licensed gaming and gambling operator. This self-exclusion scheme is for gamblers who feel to experience gambling addiction by prohibiting themselves from the licensed betting websites.

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