ESPN Wants Piece of Sports Betting Market Pie

By | August 28, 2021

One of the hottest news about the betting market is ESPN’s desire to get some share of the US bookmaking industry.

However, the sports TV network doesn’t want to directly launch its own betting brand because of complicated regulations in the country. It decided to take a different approach and partner with leading sportsbooks.

ESPN offers its advertising space to the biggest brands

The latest gambling news informs that ESPN is considering the opportunity to have a partnership with key sports betting industry stakeholders. They will be offered to place their advertising on ESPN, which will allow them to get more audience for betting on the most popular sports. Now, the television giant is conducting negotiations with gambling brands. The deal worth is three billion dollars.

Among the companies, which may sign the agreement with ESPN, are DraftKings and Caesars Entertainment. Being a top top-tier sports channel, ESPN also wants to be involved in the constantly growing US betting market. The cooperation with the largest gambling services providers will allow the television network to benefit from it. The gaming firms, in their turn, can improve their competitiveness via collaboration with the most popular broadcast network.

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