Elimination of Well-Known Poker Platform Comes This Week

By | February 22, 2021

One of the best-known poker platforms, Full Tilt Poker, closes this week, giving way to PokerStars. The LoginCasino team follows the latest poker news and explains the details of the closure and how it will affect Full Tilt’s remaining users.

The merger and acquisition strategy is actual for digital poker brands too. Thus, Amaya Gaming bought PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker brands in the middle of 2014 for almost 5 billion dollars and decided to develop a two-brand strategy. However, the primary focus was made on PokerStars, pressing even the neighboring brand and putting it on the edge of adequate existence.

The shareholders of Stars Group (former Amaya Gaming) now decided to develop only one brand. In the official statement, Full Tilt Poker’s representatives explained the decision as a desire to deliver all the quality on the single platform.

What will be with the remaining Full Tilt’s clients?

The smaller brand’s remaining customer base automatically goes to PokerStars, saving all the prize-tokens, real assets, tickets, and other bonuses. Thus, none will lose any activities and will have to enter a new web domain or application. From February 25, Full Tilt Poker apps and online platform will be unavailable.

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