Dutch Gambling Market Will Face New Ads Restrictions

By | March 21, 2022

Gambling advertisement is a problematic issue for a lot of regulatory establishments. It also seems like the Dutch gambling market is going to be updated towards the advertisement rules. Franc Weerwind, the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection,  has shared his plans to restrict gambling advertisement. Do not miss the hottest legislation news to stay tuned for updates.

Franc Weerwind has updated new rules for the gambling advertisement, which must be set at the end of 2022. The changes have started after Parliament had approved a complete gambling ads ban. Such initiation was announced by Michiel van Nispen, the Socialist Party MP. The Minister has also expressed his striving to do everything to make these plans come true in the letter to van Nipsen.

Minister Weerwind is aimed to decrease the gambling addiction in the country, which is caused by the advertisement for the most part. Before the summer of 2022, Minister will suggest the gambling law amendment.

He is also sure that online gambling approval caused the online marketing increase, consequently. One of the main subjects will also include a time window for banners, videos, and other online ads.

To all the assumptions that anti-COVID-19 actions influenced the growth of gambling addiction, the Minister answered and refuted such a judgment. According to his report, such an increase was at the very beginning of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it was not noticed among the youth of age 16-24.

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