DGOJ Explained Major Items of a Relicensing Procedure

By | April 9, 2021

The Spanish gambling authority, DGOJ, came up with the plan of how the gambling operators could continue holding licenses. Login Casino follows the latest legislative news in gambling, presenting the key points of the procedure.

The Spanish gambling license has a validity of 10 years. As the first permissions were given in 2011, the first operators would come to the DGOJ to renew their licenses soon. The authority has published a document, which explains what will be the major requirements and other essential points during the regaining process.

Major points towards relicensing in Spain

According to the document, the procedure of licensing will give another ten years of legal operation in Spain. The process should be initiated by the license holder during the last year of the permission expiration date and no longer than four months before the last day.

To make the procedure easy and fast, the applicant has to satisfy the following needs:

An application has to be agreed with all the actual laws and contain all the needed.
An applicant has to show three-fifth of the uninterrupted usage of the license.
An applicant has to pay all the needed taxes and fees related to the renovation process.

The latter can be simply regarded as paying money equal to those needed during the first license gaining procedure.

In general, the document presented by the DGOJ is divided into five major sections:

presentation of applications;
granting of the extension;
administrative resources.

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