DCMS Launches Consultation on National Lottery Sales

By | July 19, 2021

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is launching a series of consultations aimed at deciding how National Lottery sales will be organized, according to the lottery news.

Great Britain’s government is considering the opportunity to implement the rules for National Lottery similar to those applied to tobacco and alcohol goods.

Consultation participants will choose between two actions

As it has been revealed, all those who will participate in the consultation will be able to vote for one of two variants – not to change anything or develop a new system of rules for lottery sales. The main goal of the poll is to find the balance between to government’s decision to increase the legal age for National Lottery participation (to 18) and retailers’ sales rates.

DCMS representatives are sure that the age increase will influence the revenue from National Lottery sales generated by retailers. They also add that the question of the minimum age is complex. The consultation will help to clarify what retailers think of the new age restrictions and how this may impact their revenue. The income from the National Lottery serves many verticals of public interest, including sports, COVID-19 programs, various projects, etc. The last day of the consultation period is scheduled for August 12.

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