Data Studio: New Monitoring Traffic Program by Google

By | April 1, 2022

Google Search Central Blog has posted the ultimate guide on Data Studio for monitoring the search traffic. This program includes Google Ads, Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, and other platforms’ data for diagrams and different infographics. Do not miss the hottest news on the GBC website.

Among the main reasons to use the dashboard are the deep monitoring and analytics system, which provide a more effective working process. Data research is also essential for future development in various markets.

Generally, Google Search performance is one of the most dominant factors in digital business building, and Data Studio is for it.

The first step is to set up a Search Console connector through the Data Studio. And then, the URL Impression table will include all the needed information about web content. Users also have access to the filters and dates to monitor the data of the exact period and groups. The critical click data and CTR are also available to research using the Data Studio.

Concluding, it is obvious that Google provides all the needed tools for data monitoring so that the brands can understand their audiences on the websites better.

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