Danish Regulator Studies Gambling Among Children and Youth

By | November 11, 2021

The Danish Gaming Authority published research in which it, together with the National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare – VIVE, studied gaming and gambling among young people and minors.

The negative effect of the gambling industry on children is frequently discussed in casino news. However, the regulator surveyed gambling activities among children (10-19) and young people aged 20-25.

Key insights of the research

107 people took part in the research, agreeing to participate in interviews and answer the questions about their experience in gambling. The poll also included the group of individuals who have financial, social, or other problems related to gambling. The study has shown that iGaming is very popular among young adults and minors as they consider it a leisure activity. Children most frequently play online games, which include opportunities to spend money, with friends.

The research has confirmed that gaming is an integral part of young people’s lives, which takes much time and money. In addition to this, it has been revealed that certain elements in online games, for example, skin betting in competitive PC games, have the same features as gambling. According to the study, microtransactions in such games are potentially dangerous for kids and youth because they can easily spend a lot of money on them. One of the main problems is influencers, boy or girl streamers, who promote microtransactions.

The conclusion is that parents should be responsible for their children’s online entertainment as kids don’t have critical thinking that will allow them to assess the situation and understand that real money is spent when they make in-game purchases. Parents should establish a clear framework for their children in terms of microtransactions.

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