Danish Gaming Authority Introduces New Certification Program

By | July 12, 2021

The updated certification program for the Danish gambling operators was published in the latest news on the legal sector of the gambling business. The new regulations concern virtual casinos as well as offline and digital betting operators.

Spillemyndigheden encourages interested parties to comment on the matter. The regulator accepts the comments up to August 31, 2021, via the contact form on the regulator’s website. 

What are the main changes for the operators?

In the updated certification program, the Danish Gaming Authority (DGA) has lifted some strict certification requirements and implemented new regulations for the iGaming operators.

Danish regulator draws out new rules for the test organizations, in particular, including the following:

DGA lifts the requirement concerning the mandatory 3 years of experience for the test organization and all the employees within it.
Regulator introduces a new accreditation standard, ISO 17025 that prioritizes lab testing.
Spillemyndigheden doesn’t require an ISO accreditation for the vulnerability scanning and penetration tests anymore.

The document adds several other modifications that concern the technical testing and general inspection standards. For the land-based casinos, for instance, DGA adds requirements for testing roulettes and card mixing equipment. The three-second rule, which ensures that every casino game runs at least for 3 seconds, is now a part of testing standards.

Moreover, the new program classifies online bingo games as peer-to-peer activity, so they could be offered at the virtual casinos.

Spillemyndigheden also introduces a list of regulations, regarding its self-exclusion program (ROFUS). From now on, the licensees don’t have to preserve the user’s self-exclusion status in the gaming system after it has been used for the original purpose.

The DGA’s requirements for the prior approval of the new games will appear in the regulator’s technical standards instead of the certification program. The authority launches updated technical regulations simultaneously with the new program for the operators.

The gaming authority plans to implement the changes by 2022. The ultimate date, however, is yet to be set.

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