Danish Gambling Industry Sets Up Gaming Advertising Board

By | August 26, 2021

As the latest news about the sector of legislation and regulations informs, the Danish gambling industry has got one more supervisory body – the Gaming Advertising Board.

According to the gambling news, the Board is officially established with appointed members and a chief.

The aim of the new regulatory body is supervision of marketing

The complaints connected with gambling-related marketing aren’t a rare thing in Denmark. That is why the industry players have decided to establish a body responsible for the regulation of gambling advertising in the country. From now, all involved in the industry have the right to complain about the promotion of such products, which will help to improve the level of responsibility among operators. The Board will allow building a decent marketing framework with a set of guidelines.

Some of Denmark’s gambling market participants have already expressed their opinion on the Gaming Advertising Board, saying that it will help to control advertising and make it ethical. It has been informed that the body already has the work as it has got the complaint to address.

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