Danish Gambling Authority Reports the Lowest GGR in Five Months

By | October 11, 2021

 The Gambling Authority of Denmark (DGA), Spillemyndigheden, has recently published its monthly overview of the gambling market in the country. According to the local financial news, the gatherings from the Danish gambling sector were the lowest in the last five months.

In August 2021, the total GGR amounted to almost DDK494 million. This is nearly 18.5% less than gambling profits collected in July 2021, which were close to DKK606 million. At the same time, the financial results from August 2021 were close to the total GGR of August 2021, dropping by 1.2% in a year-on-year comparison.

Revenues from slots and land-based casinos continue to grow

Similar to the previous month, profits from slot machines and land-based casino venues continued to increase, reaching DDK112 million and DKK33 million respectively in August 2021.

Revenues from betting on sports events and online casino games, at the same time, decreased on the month-on-month scale. The bookmaking market of Denmark had experienced the most drastic fall, as the revenues dropped from DDK235 million in July to DDK128 million in August.

Meanwhile, Danish online casino sites generated DDK221 million, which is just DDK8 million less than the financial results of the previous month. However, this is a 17.7% increase from the online casino gatherings of August 2020.

Comparison of monthly GGR in Denmark

Gambling Sector

August 2021 GGR

July 2021 GGR

August 2020 GGR

Sports betting

DKK128 million

DKK235 million

DKK173 million

Online casino

DKK221 million

DKK229 million

DKK188 million


DKK112 million

DKK109 million

DKK110 million

Land-based casino

DKK33 million

DKK29 million

DKK31 million


DKK494 million

DKK606 million

DKK500 million

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