Crypto Clients’ Base Overpassed 100M, Boomers Also Joining

By | February 27, 2021

Two independent reports confirmed the growing cryptocurrency trends. Among the most interesting findings are reaching the 100M clients’ level and the older people’s joining to this phenomenon. The LoginCasino always follows the most interesting cryptocurrency news, now explaining the reports’ findings in more detail.

Two crypto-related bodies, the exchange platform and financial group deVere, presented their reports concerning the industry’s trends. The first one came with the conclusion that the number of active crypto clients is about 106 million. What is more, about 16% of the newcomers joined the mainstream in January alone.

What is the age spreading of crypto clients?

As digital assets are a technological trend, logically, it’s more popular among the younger generation like Millennials (25-39). However, deVerde confirms that Baby Boomers (57-75) and Gen X (41-56) are also involved in the race. Thus, about 70% of the advisory group’s clients aged 55 and older have already invested in cryptocurrencies, including a flagship Bitcoin.

However, one has to consider the findings of those reports carefully. Thus, relies on the analysis of blockchain usage, which is a rather protected system even for kinds of surveys. DeVerde, instead, didn’t give a whole look at the age-based crypto activity as their report didn’t include the analysis of younger groups like Gen Y and Gen Z.

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