Casinos: Give the Gift of Customer Service

By | August 3, 2021

There are plenty of casino sites on the internet today and, judging by the range of different experiences on offer, it might be argued that it’s increasingly easy to get involved with the development side of things. However, in business, a lower barrier of entry sometimes means that quality in some areas can start to slide.

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As concerns about customer service remain high worldwide, let’s take a look at how the casino industry is beginning to buck the trend.

Night and day difference

First, though, the facts. According to the University of Sheffield in the UK, a negative customer service experience has a significantly wider impact than a positive one on a company’s reputation. Three-quarters of people surveyed believed that live humans were too difficult to reach when necessary, while 78% of respondents would abandon a business for good if they received poor service.

Worryingly, the difference between what businesses consider “superb” service and what consumers claim as the same is vast. 80 percent of companies claim to offer the pinnacle of customer support, yet only eight percent of their customers feel the same way. This night and day difference may seem bizarre, given that the two groups of people work on the same issues every day and occupy much the same space.

So, what hope do casino consumers have of find a jewel in the digital rough? Gaming site SuperSeven Casino recently published an article on their website allowing visitors to learn more about what good customer support should entail. Key among these assets are always-on support, a friendly user interface, and rapid payments and withdrawals. Reward schemes, like VIP programs, can also be of value to players.

While 9-5 access to agents might seem perfect for a business-to-business enterprise or even a supermarket, placing any restrictions at all on casino opening hours creates a barricade between players’ concerns and any solution a gaming site can provide. Casinos operating 24/7 customer service departments, whether that’s via live chat, email, or phone, have therefore become our proverbial gemstone in the dust.

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