Carlo Pagan About Importance of Correct Marketing Communication

By | September 20, 2021

Marketing is one of the hottest topics in daily gambling business news. Regulatory requirements and advertising based on responsible gambling principles create new challenges for operators.

Carlo Pagan, a former Vice President (marketing) at European Casino Association, university adjunct professor, and Strategic Consultant at Nazionale Elettronica, has explained how marketing can help to promote a gambling product, and what tool operators need.

Carlo, how did marketing in the gambling business change through the years? Any new revolutionary changes and key trends?

Gaming marketing is following the general trends of marketing theory. Affiliate marketing is the new reality of gaming marketing, taking also into account the evolution of gaming legislation in terms of the prohibition. Personally, I have experience of more than ten years in the “cross-fertilization” between land-based gaming and online gaming, and this is a new segment of marketing gaming with the target of creating a 360° experience for customers.

What is your opinion on the role of affiliate marketing in gambling? Can we say that operators have high hopes for affiliates when they market their brand?

As I said, affiliate gambling in marketing is a new reality, even if the source of this method could be recognized in the “porteur” method of the old land-based casinos’ system. For sure, it is an opportunity for both operators and affiliates. Also, the two keys (land-based / online) could be a concrete opportunity for the implementation of an innovative marketing plan.

What are the major markets where affiliates have gained success?

All the markets are fields of business development for affiliate marketing. All the main online European markets (like Italy) are an interesting case history, but, generally speaking (without a specific focus on gaming), the USA is one of the main markets, taking also into consideration the penetration of the internet.

What are the main tools for casino operators for building brand awareness?

With reference to marketing theory, publicity and promotion are the “voice” of marketing communication. But now, with advertising prohibition for gaming business (i.e. Italian marketplace), affiliate marketing could be the main tool for acting into the marketplace. But don’t forget the importance of social reputation and word of mouth, for both, land-based and online businesses.

How do marketing regulations across various jurisdictions tie operators’ hands? Which European countries are the most stringent in terms of gambling marketing?

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