Camelot Is Obligated to Pay a £3.15 Million Fine

By | March 23, 2022

According to the recent lottery news, the UK Gambling Commission has obligated Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, a well-known national operator, to pay a penalty of £3.15 million. This decision was taken because the operator made a few failures in the working process of its mobile app and breached the conditions of the license.

The Gambling Commission revealed the investigation results, highlighting three primary failures that negatively affected customers.

The first failure had a direct connection to QR Scanner and was related to the problem of informing. As Camelot’s representatives said, the number of affected people is around 20 000, but this is the approximate estimated number. After scanning their tickets, all these people were reported that their winning tickets were actually non-winning. And the estimated sum of missed winnings was between £48 000 and £68 000. This failure is a direct breach of the license’s conditions related to these articles – 5.1, 5.13G(C)(II), 7.42 (A), and 14.7(A).

The second issue included the problem of purchasing duplicate tickets. As the Gambling Commission informed, 22 210 people who bought tickets via the mobile application were affected by this issue while breaching the license’s conditions of 5.1, 5.13G(C)(IV), and 14.7(A). Putting this statement into simple words, all these people double paid for the tickets.

And the third and final issue was related to Push notifications. According to the rules, people with the status of self-excluded and at-risk of gambling received marketing messages on their mobile devices. However, none of them were allowed to make any purchases in the mobile app. The Gambling Commission informed that this issue violated the conditions related to paragraphs 5.1 and 14.7(A).

As an endpoint, the CEO of the UK Gambling Commission Andrew Rhodes ensured all the customers of the National Lottery App that the lottery operator would take all possible measures to fix these issues. Moreover, he added that Camelot Lotteries Limited would meet all the consequences of these breaches.

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