Brazilian Lottery Market: A New Development Course

By | September 29, 2021

The lottery sector of Brazil is on the most successful stage of all time right now. According to the local lottery news, the sales have increased by 5.5%. Recently, there has been a meeting between the Brazilian Federation of Lottery Companies (Febralot) and the national operator Caixa Economica Federal, where the latest data of the sector have been discussed.

Facing the increasing of the lottery market in Brazil, the Febralot asked the government to add sports betting to legal activity. There has been also another issue that is still of current interest – the future growth of lottery profit in the country. The Febralot proposed to standardize shops in a completely new way and develop the technologies and the information sector.

According to Paulo Angelo, vice president of Caixa, the national bank should be aware of the responsibility in front of the industry and acknowledge what it does for development.

Data of the lottery market in Brazil for the last year

From 2020 to 2021, the lottery fees have increased by 10.2%, the number of prizes has grown by 7.9% as well. 2021 showed high results in the reward of the lottery network (5.5% and 1.53 billion Brazilian reals).

However, there is an aspect, which causes the GGR to decrease. Currently, 255 operators are not able to sell lottery tickets, and it’s 1.9% of the network.

It has been also announced that by July 2022, all the lottery shops will be certificated. But the operators asked the government to increase the wage rate.

The Brazilian lottery market also wants to make deposit limits and payments on accounts to 5 000 Brazilian reals while the client’s first identification. Among other things, it was scheduled for October 2021.

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