Brazilian Gambling Market Is Facing Regulatory Updates

By | February 14, 2022

It seems like the Brazilian gambling market is going on the subsequent development stage. The lawmakers are going to discuss the gambling regulation in the country the next week. The main issue for the meeting is the legalization of gambling activity and setting stable regulatory boundaries, according to Arthur Lira – President of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.  Check more legislation news of the gambling sector to stay tuned.

The President has stated that the gambling legislation issue will be discussed the next week. The MP Felipe Carreras has written a text, which is the foundation for the project of setting regulations.

Arthur Lira is seemed to legalize the casino sector in Brazil once and ever to stop the backstreet and unlicensed activity in the country. Although everything on this project was already reviewed at the latest reading session on Thursday, the voting is planned to host the next week.

Arthur Lira is aimed to collaborate with the opposition party for this purpose. In case of a voting session is successful, there will still be several issues to review. Considering the betting sector, President is aimed to ban any betting regulatory establishments in the future.

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