Brain Ukraine 2021: Meet the First Speakers of the Event

By | September 3, 2021

What is our brain capable of and how can we improve its performance? Is it possible to continue studying even at 70? And how to preserve mental health?

This and much more will be discussed at the first Brain Ukraine conference dedicated to the capabilities of the human brain, as well as ways to increase its performance.

Date: October 12.

Venue: Oasis conference hall.

Brain Ukraine 2021 will be interesting to doctors and healthcare representatives, medical professionals, biohackers, gadget developers, and just people who care about their health and dreams of living as long as possible.

The event is organized by Smile-Expo international company.

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Meet top speakers of the event

Leading experts in neuropsychology, biology, genetics and behavioral psychology will speak at the event. They will talk about the functions of the brain and ways to improve its cognitive abilities.

Speakers of Brain Ukraine 2021 will include:

• Oleh Kryshtal – professor and Doctor of Biology. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is the first Deputy Director at O. O. Bohomolets Institute of Physiology at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Member of the European Academy of Sciences. He has worked as a guest professor at educational institutions around the world, including Harvard University and Kyushu University.

The scientist will speak about “How to keep learning and gain results even at the age of 70?”

• Vladyslav Kniazev – coach, clinical psychologist, a neuropsychologist. Head of the Ukrainian Association of Neuropsychology. He is the author of guide books, methods, and training programs for neuropsychological diagnostics and correction.

The speaker will address the topic “How to realize that your mental health worsens?”

• Yuliia Kopnynska-Petrychenko – certified coach, facilitator, host. Author of programs for personal growth, development of social and emotional intelligence – Potential: Educational Program.

The speaker will cover the topic “The modern brain of multiple intelligences: Seven theories about mind and emotions”.

• Lyudmyla Turova – Candidate of Medical Sciences, geneticist, scientific consultant, nutritionist. She is a senior research associate at the Department of clinical immunology and allergology with a medical genetics section at Bohomolets National Medical University.

The specialist will speak on the topic “Genetics of neuroplasticity and cognition. Is it possible to influence their organization? ”

About the organizer

Smile-Expo international company specializes in organizing events dedicated to innovations. The portfolio of the organizer includes more than 270 exhibitions, conferences, festivals, congresses, and forums in 28 countries of the world.

Specialized events are attended by business owners, managers, programmers, doctors, investors, marketers, engineers, specialists in law, economics, and advertising, as well as representatives of government agencies.

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