BLAST Spring Showdown Betting Preview and Predictions

By | April 13, 2021

15th June 2021 – mark that date down in your calendar! Why? Because that’s the starting date of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, a $425,000 event featuring eight top-class teams. We already know six of them, and this here event is going to give us the final two.

What event am I referring to here? What are we betting on today? Well, I’m talking about the highly anticipated BLAST Spring Showdown betting options. They’ve been around for a few days already, meaning it’s time we finally take a good sniff at them!

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Interesting Facts for BLAST Spring Showdown

Let’s start off with some historical figures! The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2020 had to be canceled and moved to an online environment. In the end, it featured two events (EU and NA), just like the Spring Finals later on. As for the Fall 2020 Showdown, FURIA and Mousesports clinched the Finals, in an event that’s identical to this one (format-wise).

The 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown starts this Tuesday with the first two opening-round matches of the first bracket. Astralis plays against OG; Endpoint plays against G2.

Match System

The match system (AKA tournament format) of BLAST Premier Showdown events is rather weird. We have two separate brackets that don’t connect into a grand finale. Basically, there are two groups of teams that will be competing among each other for one of two spots in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. We already know both brackets as well as the opening-round clashes, so our BLAST Spring Showdown betting tips are safe to proceed!

BLAST Spring Showdown First Bracket Betting Preview

  • Astralis vs. OG
  • Endpoint vs. G2
  • Spirit vs. Extra Salt
  • Dignitas vs. Liquid

Astralis as the Prime Favorites

Even though Astralis haven’t been at their usual level over the last two months, they’re still among the best teams in the world. In fact, a poor performance on the BLAST Premier Spring group stage is what brought them here. That was followed by two additional disasters, IEM XV World Championship and ESL Pro League S13. Astralis keep doing great in the first phase of events, but seem to choke in the playoffs. Let’s hope that’s not the case since our BLAST Spring Showdown betting options could suffer.

What seems to be the biggest issue behind Astralis’ form drop? Well, they just seem absent at times. They keep making weird mistakes and fail to duel it out in times of need. Xyp9x’s poor form doesn’t help their cause. While Astralis are the favorites coming into this bracket, they won’t have such an easy task. If the Great Danes are on your list for BLAST spring Showdown betting slips, make sure you dig deep to fully understand the complexity of their matchups!

G2 Fancying Their Chances

G2 are, once again, underperforming! Everyone thought the situation would improve following Niko’s arrival… but it didn’t. The Bosnian superstar did bring forth more balance to the roster, but it didn’t put an end to their choking miseries.

HuNter and NiKo are in fine form, but that doesn’t mean much when the rest of the teams is struggling. KennyS’ magic is no longer there; jaCkz, nexa, and AmaNEk will have to step up a notch if they are to remain in the starting roster.

What about G2’s chances here? Well, they’re not that good! Endpoint will pose a much bigger threat than most people think. CRUC1AL is going to be a real nuisance; G2 better do their scouting on this boy as he can and will cause headaches in the opening round.

Should they go through, G2 will have to battle with Astralis (or OG, in case of a miracle) and that won’t be fun. The Great Danes ought to be the heavy favorites in that one, though I’m going to be very careful with that one.

Liquid Hoping for a Miracle

Team Liquid should not be taken out of the equation here. Their form isn’t excellent, but it’s not terrible either. Prior to their early ESL Pro League S13 exit, Liquid had two semifinal placements, on DH Open NA and IEM XV World Championship.

On the bright side, EliGE is finally back! He’s looking like the good old EliGE that helped Liquid reach one of the best runs ever back in the summer of 2019. Grim is doing plenty of good stuff too; the same goes for NAF. Twistzz’s departure didn’t take that big of a toll on Liquid, that’s for sure!

But, can Liquid really go all the way here and snatch one of two available tickets for the Spring Finals? Well, swinging past Dignitas and whoever wins Spirit vs. Extra Salt shouldn’t be too difficult. But, the problems are on the other end of the bracket. Astralis, OG, G2 look like menacing opponents that are bound to give Liquid a run for their money in the final round.

BLAST Spring Showdown Betting Tips Second Bracket

  • Vitality vs. 9z Team
  • SAW vs. Heroic
  • FURIA vs. MIBR
  • NAS vs. Gambit

Can Heroic Transition Their Form?

Moving on with our BLAST Spring Showdown betting tips, let’s talk about the second bracket. Heroic were among the favorites even before the final stages of ESL Pro League. But, now that they’ve successfully asserted their dominance, they are the team to bet coming into this part of the bracket.

But, can Heroic transition their splendid form to yet another event? Well, history isn’t on their side. Cs_Summit 7 is their best campaign in 2021, a semifinal placement worthy of $17,500 in prize money. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Heroic win something notable. We have to go all the way back to October last year when they rounded off a solid DH Open Fall run with a 3:2 win against Vitality in the grand finals.

Interestingly enough, Vitality are the likeliest opponent for Heroic in the second round, assuming they eliminate SAW. If cadiaN and the boys have another proper blast, we might see them square off against Gambit or FURIA, the likeliest final round candidates.

Will Gambit Have Their Revenge?

The second bracket is of real interest for our BLAST Spring Showdown betting endeavors. You see, it features both ESL PL S13 grand finalists, Gambit and Heroic. The bracket is perfectly poised for them to meet in the grand finals.

If that happens, will Gambit have their revenge sooner than we all thought?

Well, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. If we’re being totally honest here, Gambit were unlucky last Sunday. They lost both overtimes but still put up a proper fight right until the final map. If they do end up playing against Heroic for a spot on BLAST Premier Spring Finals, I believe it’s an opportunity they’ll jump on with full force. Ax1le and sh1ro are unbelievable – just a few more exceptional performances and they’ll push Gambit to heights they had never reached before!

Can FURIA or Vitality Do Something Here?

FURIA goes up against MIBR in the opening round, a proper Brazilian clash that’s going to fill the spot against Gambit in the second round. But, which of these two has better chances of going through? FURIA, obviously, is the favorite here. KSCERATO and yuurih are still in great form and ought to be extra aggressive against their fiercest rivals.

Vitality is on the other end of the second bracket. They’re going up against 9z Team who could be a bit problematic. If we’re going to see an upset in the opening round, it ought to be Vitality. I’m sad to write these words, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see ZywOo and the boys exit the event right off the bat. Adios RPK!

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