Blackjack Facts: Hall of Fame, Strategies, and Tournaments

By | November 26, 2021

The gambler’s task is simple: with the proposed cards, you need to get 21 points or as close as possible to this number. All picture cards bring you 10 points, and an ace can provide you with 1 or 11 points. After a while, the simplicity of these rules will motivate you to acquire extra knowledge and skills, because it is not as simple to win in blackjack as it may seem.

In this review, you will learn about the essence of the game, various game strategies that will help you improve your chances of winning. Before you start using the basic strategy blackjack for bigger wins, we will share with you the stories of legends who entered the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Let’s start!

Blackjack glossary

When you are at the gaming table, you need to be fluent in the terminology of the game, especially since the online version of blackjack is fast-paced. Here are the most frequently-used BJ terms that you need to know while joining the game:

Doubling down

The participant can choose to “double down” one’s bet if one foresees the win. In many cases, it can increase a player’s bankroll significantly.

Face cards

These are cards with images (jack, queen, king), each of which brings you 10 points. Face cards are the strongest, each deck has 12 of them.

Hole card

It is the starting card that the croupier issues to oneself and it remains closed until the end of the round.

Insurance (bet)

This opportunity is provided if the croupier issues an ace to oneself and this card is demonstrated to you. This is the same as the gambler’s insurance in case the dealer has 21. Whether the bet is insured, and the croupier gets 21 points, then the participant receives twice the insured bet.


“Push” appears when the gambler and the dealer get an equal number of points. In such a situation, it is a draw and the player gets one’s bet back.

Soft hand

Whether a gambler has already played online blackjack, this term is already known to them. This term means that a gambler has an ace among the dealt cards. For instance, whether the value of the gambler’s card is +7, then the total value of the cards may be calculated both as 8 or 17. Namely, the ace gives an opportunity to select its value – 1 or 11 points.


When a gambler receives a couple of identical cards, there is the opportunity to split them. In particular, the gambler’s cards are split into two combinations.


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