Biggest Jackpots Available in Reno Casinos in May 2021

By | May 25, 2021

Reno might not have the larger-than-life image of its Nevada neighbor, Las Vegas, but the biggest little city has a lot going for it. Luxury hotels, a smorgasbord of fabulous dining options, and big-name acts ranging from Gladys Knight to Jerry Seinfeld over the coming months are all par for the course.

But wonderful though all that might be, even the incredible Ms. Knight is only a sideshow to the main attraction in Reno – the gaming. You stand as good a chance of hitting the jackpot here as you do in Vegas, and the rewards can be equally eye-watering.

Playing for the big win

There are all sorts of different strategies you can adopt when playing the slots, and it all depends on your ultimate goal. If you’re looking to make a $20 voucher last, then small wagers at a low volatility game are the way to go. It’s unlikely to pay out a dramatic sum, but the regular small wins will keep you in the game. For those who take a logical, mathematical approach, it’s all about Return to Player (RTP). Now, understanding a slots RTP is something that most people don’t worry about, but if you play regularly, there’s no denying that over time, the RTP has a direct bearing on your win rate.

But there are also those who care nothing for such niceties and are only concerned with the big win. They know that all the statistics are against them and the chances of winning millions are extremely remote. But still, like that winning lotto ticket, even a remote possibility is still a possibility. If you fall into this latter category, you’ll only be interested in the biggest jackpots in Reno. The following numbers are accurate at the time of writing – they will increase as the month progresses, until such time as someone secures the win of a lifetime.

Wheel of Fortune at Eldorado

Wheel of Fortune is one of the instantly recognizable jackpot games and is a feature in every Reno casino. Wherever you chose to play, the jackpot is likely to be in six or seven figures, but right now, the $1 game in the Eldorado has almost $3 million in the pot. It’s even higher than the $5 jackpot at present, so you’d be crazy to miss it.

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