BGC Reports Less TV Betting Adverts During Euro 2020

By | July 8, 2021

Following the latest betting news, during Euro 2020, the number of TV betting ads has decreased by 47%. According to the data on ITV, there were 85 ads while the Euro 2020 group stages.

For comparison, there were 161 betting advertisements during the World Cup 3 years ago. It’s a significant difference almost in a half. The reason for this is the whistle-to-whistle ban that has been offered by Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) members in 2019.

According to this ban, five minutes before and five minutes right after the match is the time when TV betting ads are not allowed to be shown. The ban is in effect until 9 p.m.

BGC has already declared the number of betting ads for 2020. The volume of all gambling commercials that were seen by the underaged UK citizens during live sports events was down 97%. However, the organization has said that its ads are safer than others in the market.

Reducing ads as a key to success

Chief executive of BGC, Michael Dugher, is sure that this is the total success. The whistle-to-whistle ban will continue to get even better results.

A report by Ernst and Young shows that BGC is one of the leading members of the UK economy. The company adds £7.7bn in gross value to the UK economy. It is also an active sponsor of horse racing, the sum of donations is £350m a year.

In Michael Dugher’s opinion, the ban is also proof of the commitment by members of BGC to make betting commercials safer.  

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