BGC Backs Up Sportsbook Ad Opt-Out on Facebook

By | November 18, 2021

The UK Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has issued a press release in the local bookmaking industry news, welcoming Facebook’s most recent betting ad policy update.

The social media company has added an opt-out feature for most sportsbook advertising on its platform. From now on, users who don’t want to see betting adverts can disable them in Facebook settings.

The BGC Chief, Michael Dugher, has commented on the launch, supporting the Facebook decision. Dugher has also stated that all social media and search services should have an option of opting out of betting adverts.

The new ad policy is a result of the BGC and Facebook collaboration, which was going on for the last year. Two organizations are planning to introduce more efficient tools for sportsbook ads restriction in the future.

A new Facebook feature also supports the Responsible Advertising Code, issued by the Council in 2020. The code requires the BGC members to target social media adverts at users aged over 25 unless the platform allows targeting ads at users that are over 18 years old. This also covers TikTok betting ads. 

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