Betting on the 2021 NBA All-Star Game MVP

By | March 6, 2021

The 2021 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night figures to be one for the books. It seems like there is more star power in the league than at any time in recent history. And that means that you could be able to find great value with prop bets on who will win the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award.

No league’s All-Star game brings the spectacle quite like the National Basketball Association. Even though the game itself tends to ebb and wane in terms of intensity, it’s still an amazing thing to see all of those superstars on the same court. If it means that we have to endure a game where they don’t play much defense, so be it.

At the end of Sunday’s game, there will be one star who has shined a little brighter than the rest. And that player will join the hallowed list of NBA All-Star Game MVP’s. It’s ironic in that you could say that the individual award is coveted more than actually winning the game.

All-Star Game MVP Betting Odds

Trying to pick the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player for betting purposes. There are 24 players in the game, so technically you have a one in 24 shot of getting it right if you were picking blindly. But you can certainly narrow it down based on certain factors.

For instance, a player needs playing time to have a legitimate shot at an MVP win, and many young players or reserves in their first All-Star contest just won’t get it.

On top of that, there is the sense that some players are due for an MVP award, based on what they’re doing during the regular season and where they are in their careers. Being able to sift through all these factors can help you make a bet that combines common sense with value, giving you excellent profit potential.

In the following article, we’ll take give you a preview of NBA All-Star Game MVP betting. We’ll go through all 24 players in the game and highlight each’s chances. Finally, we’ll give you our picks so you can make your wagers with expert knowledge in your corner.

All-Star Game MVP Contenders

Julius Randle, New York (Team Durant): +5000

Randle has been a wonderful story this year, revamping his game to become a facilitator for others while still acting as a major scoring and rebounding force.
Julius-Randle-New-YorkHe’s proven a lot of naysayers who thought the Knicks were crazy for making him the centerpiece of their team dead wrong. But as a first-timer, he’ll have to pay his dues and won’t get too much playing time.

Rudy Gobert, Utah (Team LeBron): +5000

The All-Star Game is all about offense and scoring, with defense generally left at the door with the exception of the final moments. That puts Gobert on the outs as far as a potential MVP candidate. He’ll get his chance when they name Defensive Player of the Year at the end of the season.

Nikola Vucevic, Orlando (Team Durant): +5000

Vucevic has been a double-double machine for an Orlando team that has been ravaged by injuries all around him. The appearance in the All-Star Game, coming from such a weak-sister team, is Vooch’s award. He doesn’t have any real shot to win the MVP, so you can toss him out of consideration.

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia (Team LeBron): +4000

The problem with Simmons’ chances is that LeBron’s team has more in the way of marquee names that will make it hard for him to stand out. On top of that, you know you won’t get any three-pointers from him to help jack his stats up. But a triple-double in limited minutes isn’t an impossibility, which makes him one of the best long-shot candidates on the board.

Zach LaVine, Chicago (Team Durant): +4000

It’s been a wonderful season for LaVine, as for the first time in his career his big numbers are also being accompanied by his team winning more games.
Zach-LaVine-ChicagoHe can score a lot in a heartbeat and should have ample chances with Team Durant’s second group. But as a first-time All-Star, the needle he’d need to thread to win is far too narrow.

Chris Paul, Phoenix (Team LeBron): +3300

Paul should have some sentimental appeal as he makes his eleventh All-Star appearance in what’s been a tremendous season for him with the Suns. Still, the fact that he did win this award once before (in 2013) takes away the storyline of needing to get that first win. That’s why he probably doesn’t factor into the MVP chase this year. Look for him to win one of the NBA All-Star Weekend Contests before the actually game takes place on Sunday.

Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers (Team LeBron): +3300

George came out of the gate firing this season, looking like he wanted to put the nightmarish finish to last year behind him. But some nagging injuries and a recent slump has slowed his momentum. Considering his injury history, it’s doubtful that he’ll be pushed into too many minutes on Team LeBron.

Jayson Tatum, Boston (Team Durant): +2800

Tatum has also undergone a mini-slump since missing time with health and safety protocols. He also doesn’t have quite the same cachet since Boston has been underachieving all season. The one thing you like though is that he has the longest odds of any of the starters by a wide margin, making an interesting value pick.

Jaylen Brown, Boston (Team LeBron): +2800

Brown has actually been far more consistent than his Boston teammate Jayson Tatum this year, which earned him his first All-Star appearance.
Jaylen-Brown-BostonHe’s not the ball-dominant type, which doesn’t bode well for his MVP chances. On top of that, his playing time could be limited as a first-timer, which doesn’t give him much value even at long odds.

Domantas Sabonis, Indiana (Team LeBron): +2500

In Indiana, Sabonis is the guy through which everything runs on offense, which helps him put up such impressive numbers. But with the talent around him in the All-Star game, he probably won’t have near as much usage. That means that his final numbers will probably be efficient but relatively pedestrian.

Devin Booker, Phoenix (Team Durant): +2000

For a guy who was a late addition to the roster, Booker is getting more attention from the oddsmakers than others on the roster. That’s because he can score in bunches, meaning that 30 points or so in 25 minutes isn’t out of the question. Still, there are others on Team Durant that make more sense as All-Star MVP picks.

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn (Team Durant): +1800

Irving has managed to fit into the superstar-laden Nets roster with no sweat this year, intermingling with Kevin Durant and James Harden without any complications so far. His ability to make highlight-reel plays certainly puts him in the mix. He already has one All-Star Game MVP to his credit, and a second isn’t out of the question.

Bradley Beal, Washington (Team Durant): +1600

Beal has been typically brilliant for the suddenly streaking Wizards, racking up big numbers even with Russell Westbrook as a high-usage partner. The issue is how much he’ll get to handle the ball on the Team Durant roster. He’ll need to have a lights-out shooting game to make some hay in the MVP race.

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia (Team Durant): +1600

16 to 1 odds for the guy who is probably the second choice for overall league MVP right now seem pretty fetching.
Joel-Embiid-PhilaCenters are at a disadvantage in the NBA All-Star Game MVP battle for sure, but Embiid is playing at another level right not as an outside/inside threat. If Team Durant can prevail, it might be by going through Embiid in the stretch, which would make a big impression on the voters.

Donovan Mitchell, Utah (Team Durant): +1400

Mitchell’s chances are helped by the fact that he was drafted by Team Durant, in that he has less competition for the spotlight. The timing seems to be right, considering how well Utah is playing and that he’s their star. Still, his style of play isn’t quite right for the All-Star Game, making him an unlikely MVP.

Zion Williamson, New Orleans (Team Durant): +1200

On the one hand, Williamson is a first-time player, which means he normally wouldn’t play too much. But on the other hand, the league wants him to be the next superstar, which means he should get plenty of run. And an over/under of five ridiculous dunks seems reasonable, which is why he could certainly be an MVP factor.

Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers (Team Durant): +1200

Leonard backed up his NBA championship in 2019 with an All-Star Game MVP a year ago. There is a scenario where he could double up, especially if the game is on the line late, which is where his talents really shine. Still, he’ll have to battle against the been-there/done-that emotions of the voters.

Damian Lillard, Portland (Team LeBron): +1000

Lillard seems to be getting better every year, and there is some dark-horse league MVP talk surrounding him this year for the way he has the Blazers playing even with CJ McCollum out. The key for his chances here is if he can get run late in the game. And that’s hard to imagine with the starting five in front of him on Team LeBron.

Nikola Jokic, Denver (Team LeBron): +900

The Joker is yet another league MVP hopeful, as he is doing things previously though impossible from the center position. There is no doubt that the timing seems to be right for him to shine. But will he get used in the same way on Sunday that he is used with Denver?

James Harden, Brooklyn (Team Durant): +900

Harden hasn’t yet won an MVP Award, which is a notch in his favor. The key will be the playing time factor.
James-Harden-BrookHe would have been a starter were it not for his trade early in the season muddling the voting a bit, but he is currently playing at an unreal level and, if things are fair, should be on the court at the end of the game for Team Durant.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee (Team LeBron): +900

Giannis gets to team up with LeBron after being the enemy captain for the previous two seasons. In an All-Star Game format, where double-teams won’t happen, he is as close to unstoppable as anybody else. And he is still looking for his first All-Star Game MVP, which should help immeasurably if it’s close with another player.

Stephen Curry (Team LeBron): +800

Curry is yet another huge name still in search of his first ever All-Star Game MVP. Then there’s the fact that he’s been electric this season after missing nearly a whole year. But there is a lot of competition for the award from the players on his own team.

Luka Doncic (Team LeBron): +750

The stats should be there for Doncic at the end of the game, but stats won’t be hard to come by in this game. What he’ll need is that big late-game moment, as he certainly has a knack for those as well. He should have as good a chance as anybody.

LeBron James (Team LeBron): +475

Matching Kobe Bryant as one of the only players to win four NBA MVP awards is certainly an incentive for LeBron, who is still playing at a ridiculous level for anybody, let alone players his age. LeBron is also pretty good about bowing to his counterparts, however, which means he won’t be out of character in search of the award. That’s why he doesn’t provide too much value at online sports betting sites as the favorite.

All-Star Game MVP Picks

  • Best Bet: Giannis Antetokounmpo (+900)
  • Best Mid-Priced Play: Joel Embiid (+1600)
  • Best Long Shot: Ben Simmons (+4000)

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