Betting Limits Controversy Among Britishers

By | March 9, 2021

The poll made by YouGov and commissioned by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) presented the results. Among the most interesting findings is a rather strong opposition towards setting betting limits by governors. The LoginCasino team follows the latest bookmaking news, presenting and explaining the results of the survey.

Almost 1700 adults took part in the poll provided by YouGov concerning wagering behavior and preferences. As this initiative is a part of the Gamlbing Act review aimed at decreasing gambling in Britain, the interviewees were asked about their attitude towards betting limits and related questions.

From the variety of questions, one of the most interesting results is related to governors’ influence on forming the wagering limits. Thus, 51% of the respondents are against the politicians’ only influence in this regard. It sounds quite logical after the Gamblign Commission started the discussion of a £100 monthly limit for bettors. At the same time, 27% are ready to cope with the decisions made by governors.

The previous passage results go in parallel with the 59% agreement of the statement that more limits provoke a faster turn to illegal operators. The issue of illegal gambling is gaining momentum in the UK, and the rough calculations confirm doubling of the unlicensed betting sites’ usage and black revenue increased up to £2.8B from £1.4B in just a few years.

Britons like to bet

The survey also confirmed that Britishers perceive wagering activities as acceptable leisure pastime. In this regard, BGC calls for creating the golden middle in terms of legislation and limits setting to establish appropriate conditions for bettors. Thus, the best model should decrease the negative impact of illegal websites, which bring unregulated playing conditions and related dangers for punters, while also grabbing the portion of taxes that can come to the treasury.

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