Betting Ads in Focus: Regulations and Digitalization

By | November 14, 2021

Gambling ads have become a controversial topic, which is often brought up in the hottest news about the bookmaking industry.

During the SBC Betting on Sports Europe conference, experts have discussed the perfect promo campaign for a sportsbook, how to maintain compliance with the regulations, and how the marketing strategy in iGaming should adapt to a new digital era.

Experts debated on the responsibility of betting ads

At the panel titled “Responsibility in marketing,” Martin Lycka, SVP for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling at Entain, has talked about strict advertising regulations in iGaming. According to Lychka, blanket bans on gambling ads are counterproductive for two reasons:

it is hard for players to know the difference between licensed bookies and black-market ops;
we lose a channel for educating players on gambling responsibility.

The expert has also explained that ads in the iGaming sector should be simple and easy to understand. This way, ops can seamlessly incorporate messages about responsible play.

Ricardo Pinto, CMO at Darwin Gaming, believes that marketing regulations can have two sides. Usually, the gambling authorities aim to protect the player in the long run, but they’re lacking communication with operators in that industry.  

Pinto has also noted that the level of social responsibility varies across jurisdictions. While in the gambling markets of the UK and the US, awareness is very high among both players and ops, in countries like Portugal, companies mainly focus on revenues. Pinto has added that modern technology can increase compliance in the betting sector, especially when it comes to self-exclusion. He provided an example of a self-exclusion register in Portugal, where a player excluded from one sportsbook can’t play with any bookies.

The speaker has added that operators should adapt the marketing strategy to a particular region. For example, in African countries, mobile data is expensive, so betting ops hand out extra GB for a deposit. In addition, Ricardo Pinto advised betting affiliates to work only with the material they receive from the operators and only do what ops ask them to do.

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