Authorities in Brazil Plan To Grant Lottery License for 20 Years

By | August 10, 2021

The latest news on the lottery sector reports that the Secretariat of Special Projects of the Federal District in Brazil has presented the draft project for the lottery regulation in the country.

The model for the Brazilian lottery was based on the thorough analysis of technical, financial, and legal data. Two major lottery ops, MCE Intermediações e Negócios and anta Casa Global Brasil, have conducted the research.

The project aims to regulate the following four types of lottery games:

instant raffles;
prediction lottery;
betting on top esports games;
fixed-odds betting.

The license concession project is estimated at BRL721.9 million

The project also introduces a license concession, which will be granted to a single operator for the upcoming 20 years. The value of the concession is estimated at BRL721.9 million (USD138.06 million).

Six months before conducting any lottery operations, the company, which will be granted a license, must ensure that all online gaming software is in the best condition. The licensee must also pay a fee of BRL35,16 million (USD 6.71 million) upon receiving the operating permit and send a 9.61% of sales to the Federal District of Brazil monthly. 

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