Aspire Global on the Contract with Russian Lottery Operator

By | March 11, 2022

The gambling markets have been massively breaking contracts with Russian operators during the latest two weeks. Aspire Global has joined the protest against Russia, terminating the cooperation with the lottery operator of the Russian National Lottery – Sports Lotteries LLC. According to Aspire Global, the main reason for the decision was a “different view of the business.” Do not miss the latest lottery news to stay tuned for updates.

Since October 2020, Aspire has been collaborating with the Russian operator. But the end of the contract has come sooner than it was supposed. They said the global provider had not mentioned a clear reason, but the termination will be immediate. The company is also sure that this decision won’t affect its income in any way.

Last month, Aspire reported the unseen before income increase for 2021. More specifically, the difference is 31.8%.

Talking about other gambling companies, which have stopped working with the Russian market, the first were Genius Sports Group, LeoVegas, and Parimatch Tech. 

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