Artificial Intelligence as a Safer Gambling Tool: Expert Opinion

By | November 7, 2021

The news about the online casino industry reports a growing interest in modern technology among the gambling ops. Many iGaming companies utilize data science and artificial intelligence (AI) for safer gambling purposes.

The use of AI in the iGaming sector was one of the main topics at the EGBA’s European Safer Gambling Week conference. During the webinar, responsible gaming experts discussed the most effective approach to AI in the online casino niche and have outlined the main challenges of using AI as a safer gambling tool.

Experts provided insights into the issue

Deirdre Clune, a member of the European Parliament, talked about the issue of AI in iGaming from a regulatory standpoint. According to the expert, in the European gambling market, AI is mostly recognized as an important tool for responsible gaming. While this is a good thing, the use of this tool has to be regulated on the official level. Deirdre Clune has also added that gambling ops should recognize the main hazards associated with artificial intelligence and apply a risk-based approach to AI.  

Flutter’s Director of Risk and Safer Gambling, Luke Sugden, has spoken on the prominence of AI in the modern online gambling market. In Sugden’s words, identifying problem gambling behavior is a challenging task for casino or betting companies with the mass-market business approach. And AI algorithms help to narrow in on customers, which need special attention from gambling ops. Plus, artificial intelligence is very effective for age verification and the prevention of fraud on casino sites.

Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming and Research at Kindred, has shared her experience of utilizing AI to create a safer environment for casino or sportsbook players. The speaker has outlined the different stages of responsible gambling, which are:

and mitigation.

Many iGaming ops, however, focus only on detection of the gambling harm and don’t know what to do once the problem is discovered.

Catania has also noted that while AI helps detect problem gambling behavior, it is essential to know what you’re looking for before using the algorithms. For instance, in the past, gambling companies scanned customers’ data only for unusual financial activity, ignoring other important factors and, thus, missing high-risk players.

The experts have unanimously agreed that personal interaction is a must when dealing with problem gamblers. According to Luke Sugden, while AI is highly efficient for large data sets, some individual complex cases need human intervention. Among other things, it adds to the trustworthiness of an online gambling establishment, as many customers are worried about casinos misusing the technology.

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