Apple Pay vs Boku

By | September 22, 2021

The mobile payment solutions growth leads to tight competition between them. Some of them have made a great reputation among the users whereas others are fighting to succeed in their businesses. Two recognized payment companies’ names in the bingo sites are Apple Pay and Boku. These two mobile banking options are renowned for providing quick and simple transactions allowing gamblers to move funds at their convenience.

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay is both a mobile provider and digital wallet popular in the best Apple Pay sites for bingo in the UK. As for Boku, this mobile payment method has made a strong reputation since its release in 2009 and the most attractive online gaming sites accept this payment service. As Boku and Apple Pay have become common payment systems, here is a full detailed comparison of these two solutions.  

Why use Apple Pay? 

Quite convenient.

Apple Pay is a payment system created by Apple and can be used in several devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. This solution is convenient as it enables the users to make transactions by using their mobile phones. In fact, with Apple Pay, after choosing the amount of money they want to deposit, they will be asked to enter a PIN or other security codes. Then, after this payment procedure confirmation, the deposit amount is available in their account.

Highly safe and secure.

As Apple Pay uses authentication processes, the players are ensured that making transactions is secure and safe. These processes include the Face ID, PIN or security codes, and Touch ID. Additionally, the transaction is anonymous because this mobile payment option does not record all the transaction history. In other words, neither the bingo sites nor Apple gets to any of the users’ personal details.

Why use Boku?

Privacy and safety.

Every gambler probably wants to avoid the banking options that show the transactions on their bank statements. Privacy is, actually, important to these players, and with Boku, their wish will come true. By using this pay-by-the-phone payment solution, the mobile phone number is only required and the deposit is confirmed with a text message. As for the amount the user deposit, it will be deducted for their phone credit.    

Daily deposit limit.   

Another benefit of choosing this provider is its famous £30 daily limit. This small deposit provides a significant advantage to the players who cannot control their gambling. They will be able to manage their money and avoid the risk of losing a higher amount of money.

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