ANJ Takes Closer Look at Gambling Advertising

By | September 21, 2021

The news about the legal sector of the gambling industry isn’t a rare thing in France, which is constantly trying to improve the market.

This time, the country’s gambling regulator, the ANJ, has decided to reconsider gambling advertising. One of the reasons for this became the recent survey, which showed that during the Euro 2020, sports betting adverts were uncomfortable to people as their number was excessive.

Public consultation will help to establish new guidelines

Now the French regulator wants to hear what the representatives of various sectors think about gambling-related ads. This includes not only gambling companies but also healthcare specialists and other people who can be useful in this vertical. The ANJ offers to fill in the form on its website – answer several questions, which will help to understand how the situation can be improved. The questions touch upon the topics of the number of adverts, their variety, channels for their broadcasting, etc.

The consultation will be held from September through October. During it, the gambling regulator will get an opportunity to get a deep understanding of the risks connected with ads and to decide what tools should be applied to ensure that gambling advertising isn’t harmful to vulnerable groups of people. Based on the consultation, the French watchdog will be able to develop an efficient framework for this sector.

It is worth mentioning that, earlier, the regulator published the framework with the AML provisions, which was discussed on the Login Casino website.

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