American Commercial Revenue Hits New Record of $53B in 2021

By | February 17, 2022

The American Gaming Association (AGA) reports that in 2021, the US commercial gambling industry has set a new record. According to the latest financial news, the US gross gambling revenue has reached an all-time high of $53 billion, surpassing the 2019 record of $43.65 billion by over 20%. The industry also recovered from the blow of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing by 67.7% from the 2020 level.

High commercial results at the end of the year led to the annual GGR growth in the US. According to the AGA report, the GGR in the fourth quarter of 2021 also reached a record-high level of $14.31 billion.

Land-based gambling accelerated the industry growth, generating $44.94 billion from slots and table games in total.

The bookmaking sector was the fastest-growing niche with a 177.1% increase from the 2020 level and a 366.2% rise from the 2019 results. The launch of 7 new betting markets and increased demand in already operational states led to such a drastic increase in GGR.

In 2021, the states of Connecticut and Michigan permitted online gambling activity for the first time, boosting the iGaming industry to $3.71 billion GGR.

The Head of AGA, Bill Miller, is optimistic about the gambling market growth in 2021 and expects even higher results in 2022. Miller, however, noted that the industry hasn’t fully recovered from the pandemic and relies on travel and mass events for further expansion.

American GGR per gaming vertical

Gaming vertical

GGR in 2021

Change from 2020

Change from 2019


$32.53 billion



Table games

$8.78 billion



Sports betting

$4.29 billion




$3.71 billion




$52.99 billion



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