Alina Plyushch About Ukrainian Market for European Operators

By | November 30, 2021

The legislative sector of the Ukrainian gambling market has been under updates for the latest year. However, there’re still a lot of questions from the European operators about how to offer products in Ukraine. And Alina Plyushch shared her thoughts on the future of the Ukrainian market for foreign operators.

Read the most important legislation news of the gambling vertical to stay tuned for updates.

At the Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021, Alina Plushch, a co-founder and board member of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association, was one of the legislative experts who reported about the Ukrainian gambling market progress after one year of gambling activity legalization.

The speaker’s report also included the reasons why the European operators are still on hold. Among the main reasons that stop foreign gambling companies to operate in Ukraine are:

unregulated gambling taxes system;
risk of regulator work being stopped;
unregulated market and unpredictable authority’s decisions;
need for the diversity of market;
long-term fight against unlicensed operators;
high-priced licenses.

Alina Plyushch also spoke about gambling marketing regulation with the Login Casino representatives.

A lot of regulatory bodies have been changing the requirements for gambling ads because of the risk of irresponsible gambling behavior, however, the operators aren’t always happy about that. In your opinion, is there a golden mean, which will make all the sides satisfied?

I think, mostly, the regulation of the marketing sector is more balanced than anything else. The main requirement is to follow all the rules by all sides. Marketers must watch over gambling advertisements very carefully. It’s also important not to target such advertisements on minors and vulnerable people and provide only licensed operators. So there will be fewer illegal gambling activities.

Talking about Ukrainian regulation, I think that the gambling marketing regulation is mostly in line with the worldwide regulation.

If all the rules are followed, a major part of consumers will move to legal gambling sites.

Is it profitable for the European operators to advertise gambling in Ukraine?

If the taxes system is regulated, any sector of the Ukrainian market will be profitable. The main reason for a promising future is a large number of gamblers who want to gamble and at the same time, they’re ready to do it only in a legal way.

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