Alexis Wicen: “Add a Layer of Gamification on Top of the Games”

By | July 30, 2021

According to news articles about online casinos, the promotion of modern slot games is no more limited to simple bonus offers. To become successful in the iGaming market, casino operators and software providers have to use numerous gamification techniques and implement the latest technology, such as AI or machine learning.

Alexis Wicén, CEO and Co-Founder of Unibo and Scatters, has shared his vision of the modern casino market, explaining how to launch a successful slot game.

Alexis, what are the main trends for casino slots nowadays?

There are many trends in the casino industry nowadays. Many providers are going really heavy on high volatility slots. We have providers who have made extreme volatility in their callsign. Historically, high-paying slots have been dominated by jackpot slots, but nowadays we are seeing more and more non-jackpot slots with extremely high-top wins, all paid for by the online casino themselves. Mainly pushed by streamers whose viewers love to see that enormous win and where a massive win clip can bring you a lot of views.

When it comes to casinos themselves, five years ago, you could stand out from the competition by having a lot of providers and games. Nowadays, most online casinos have 30+ providers with countless games. Having lots of games has become a hygiene factor rather than a unique selling point. Few players choose a casino because they have a specific game, but players might leave a casino if a game or a provider they like is missing.

With so many of the competitors sporting the same offering, the general trend within online casinos nowadays is to add a layer of gamification on top of the games. Add that extra flavor that keeps the players coming back to your casino instead of going to someone else.

What do you consider to be the main aspects of a successful promotional campaign for the slot game?

Defining the success or failure of promotion should be done during the planning phase. Different campaigns should use different metrics for success, depending on what the raison d’etre of the campaign is.

Is it to get new players depositing and trying out your casino?
Is it to get old players back?
Is it to keep the current players playing?

That said, the key to any successful promotions campaign or calendar is to engage and entertain the players.

Which gamification tools proved to be the most effective in attracting new players to the casino platform?

Different players are attracted to different things. We know that a lot of players will not even take the welcome bonus if offered, as the terms and conditions are too complicated, and they don’t want any of their money locked if they win with the bonus.

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