Alberto Garzon Promises No “Invasive Gambling Advertising” Soon

By | August 6, 2021

The news about the legal changes in the Spanish gambling industry informs that the country’s Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon, promises to wipe out invasive ads.

According to the Minister, September 1 will become an important date for all the industry participants, as it will put an end to the advertising of betting products as well as casino games.

Garzon assessed the work done, focusing on gambling ads

In his speech, the Minister analyzed the actions taken by his department, noting that it was difficult to implement regulations of the Royal Decree, however, it could accomplish its main goal. Namely, it is the prohibition of betting products advertising as well as ads promoting games of chance.

Alberto Garzon has stated that from the beginning of September, all gambling ads will disappear in Spain. It relates to the advertising of bookmakers at stadiums, on TV and radio, on sportsmen’s clothes, and promotions via celebrities. The Spanish legislator says that the main aim of these restrictions is to protect the country’s citizens from the negative impact of the gambling industry. He has also emphasized that it will mainly help those individuals who have gambling addiction problems. It is clear that such regulations will influence the gross gaming revenue of operators and the betting market in whole. Earlier, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs also proposed new measures for safe gambling, which were discussed on the Login Casino site.

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