ACS Welcomes State Ruling on Lottery Sales by 16- & 17-Year-Olds

By | September 14, 2021

The UK authorities have introduced a new lottery sales system. As of October 2021, if 16- or 17-year-olds want to keep on selling the lottery products, they would need approval from someone who is over 18. The Convenience Stores Association (ACS) has backed up the decision of the government.

The ruling comes after a brief consultation this summer and was announced in the local news in the lottery sector by John Whittingdale, the minister for media and data. The UK legal system includes similar laws for alcohol sales across the whole country and tobacco sales in Scotland.

ACS urges authorities to unify sales of gambling products

In a press release that ACS has issued in the gambling news, the association claims that it will communicate the new ruling across the local shops and work to ensure full compliance with the responsible sales of the lottery.

James Lowman, a chief executive of ACS, has also urged the authorities to create a unified sales system for all gambling products, including the society lottery. Lowman believes that this will lower the confusion between the retailer and the customer.

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