A New Administrator of the Dominican National Lottery Announced a Staff Purging

By | June 30, 2021

The Dominican National Lottery got into the series of misfortunes. Firstly, there was fraud accident that involved ex-administrator Luis Michell Dicent and did great damage to an institution. So, The National Lottery got another managing director — Teófilo ‘Quico’ Tabar. But that’s didn’t mean the end of the problems. Apparently, new boss is quite a reformer and want to downsize Lottery big-time. More interesting and important lottery news — on the pages of our site!

A new lottery administrator has announced significant staff layoffs. According to him, the company can and perfectly function, even if it reduces its workforce by two-thirds — from 2,126 to 638 employee.

According to SBCNoticias, Mr. Tabar noted that the current lottery staff is swollen and ineffective. To be engaged in direct business, that is, to sell lottery tickets, a much smaller number of employees is enough. Purging will also save the taxpayers money significantly, for now they pay for the work of the unnecessary bureaucratic apparatus and maintenance division.

Right now The National lottery is costing taxpayers almost RD$40m per month.

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