8 Unique Casinos You Need to Visit at Least Once

By | April 11, 2021

From the skies to the water and everywhere in between, if there’s a location that has someone willing to make a bet, a casino is inevitably going to appear.

For some, a visit to the casino is strictly business. Others, however, are there for the thrill, the ambiance, and all of the other qualities that make a trip to the casino unlike anything else.

Most casinos follow the same standard. They’ve got big gaming floors, a few restaurants, and some rooms to stay the night. The casinos on this list take it to another level by offering a unique experience that can’t be duplicated.

1 – Up in the Air

Flying typically conjures up images being tightly-packed in a metal tube for hours on end. If you’re able to avoid getting a seat next to someone who makes the experience all the more unenjoyable, you can consider it a win.

None of the above is a problem when you take the Casino Jet Lounge to your destination. It’s the only option for gamblers who just can’t wait to get back down on the ground to start playing casino games like blackjack, slots, and other common features at the terrestrial casino.

The only problem with Casino Jet Lounge operation? Making sure your bankroll stays in tact until you’re back on the ground.

2 – Genting in Malaysia

The Genting name is well-known throughout the gambling industry as an established leader in building casino resorts. In fact, it’s one of the most recognizable names in the world in their particular field. The casino resort that Genting established in Pahang, Malaysia, might just be their most daring and unique work to date.

Built in the early 2000s, this resort sits several miles above sea level. It might not reach as high as the Casino Jet Lounge, but it’s safe to say that it’s the highest land-based casino in existence today.

The site is more than 40 minutes from the nearest city and sits atop a lush rainforest that looks like it’s stuck in time from hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. If you’ve never seen a picture of it, I highly recommend looking it up for yourself. It truly is a site to behold.

3 – Cadbury Court

Built in the late 1500s, there’s no doubt that the North Cadbury Court, located in Somerset, England, is the oldest gaming establishment on this particular list.

I’ll save you the names and the dates that take you through the process of how it became what it is today. If you’re curious, though, it changed hands within the family of Sir Francis Hastings—the original builder—until it was purchased by the Newman family in the 1620s. The estate stayed in the Newman family for more than 170 years until in 1800 it was turned into a ballroom.

Cadbury Court

It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that a casino was added to the grounds or, rather, the undergrounds. The gaming tables are located in the building’s basement in small, vault-like rooms. It may not be the favorite place to play for those prone to claustrophobia. But for others who have no fear of small spaces, it provides an intimate and an undeniably unique gaming experience.

4 – “Rivers” Casino

Just minutes from the massive O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois, has a somewhat comical backstory.

In 2011, the state law of Illinois declared that casinos were only legal if they fell into the category of “riverboat” gambling. So, of course, people got creative. By creative, I mean the casino company decided to build the gaming establishment over top of a few inches of water. Since then, it’s been affectionately called the “casino built on a puddle.”

In the end, it all worked out. Popular with both local, national, and international patrons alike, there are more than 50 table games, seven bars and restaurants, and endless other high-end amenities. Oh, and in 2019, it was approved as the first Illinois land-based casino. Some stories have a happy ending.

5 – Sun City Resort

I’ve already listed a casino (Genting in Malaysia) that allows you to get up close and personal with the amazing international landscape. If that isn’t thrilling enough for you, perhaps Sun City Resort—which is located in the South Africa’s North West Province—will give you something to get excited about.

What makes Sun City unique?

It has nothing to do with the vast array of games on the floor, although, they are a site to behold. This particular casino is located deep into the grasslands right next to where some of the best safari tours in Africa take place each day.

If you’re looking for a trip to South Africa that can provide adequate entertainment outside of the casino, there’s arguably no better place in the world than Sun City.

6 – Gambling in a Cave

If you’re seeking adventure, going “down under” is always a safe bet. Though the phrase is used to describe much of the Australian outback, one establishment is taking things a bit more literally.

The Desert Cave Hotel, located in Coober Pedy, Australia, is literally a hotel in a rock. Guests can stay either underground or above it, but the bar and gaming room are both located well beneath the surface.

Desert Cave Hotel

The story of how it came to be is interesting enough in and of itself. The area it’s located in was once rich in opal, and Coober Pedy was considered to be somewhat of a mining town. Umberto Coro, one of these miners, had always been fascinated by the locals’ practice of living underground where temperatures were much more favorable.

It was his dream to share the way of life with the rest of the world. And in 1984, he started building the Desert Cave Hotel. He would unfortunately not live to see it open in 1988, but there’s no question he would be proud of how what his idea has turned into today.

7 – Casino Taxi

You might have seen the TV game show “Cash Cab,” but this is something entirely different.

Many of the casinos on this list are incomprehensibly massive, but this one shrinks the gaming experience down to the size of a taxi.

In 2016, the Birmingham Grosvenor Casino decided to try out an unusual marketing strategy by putting a fully-functional casino in a taxi cab. This wasn’t just a slot machine or video poker board either. It included a blackjack table (complete with a dealer), TVs with sporting events, internet, and even a bar!

The idea was so popular that eventually the famous casino cab would go on to explore other big cities in throughout the UK. Once again, it’s proven that good things can come in small packages.

8 – X-Train

Las Vegas and Los Angeles are both known for glitz, glamor, and non-stop entertainment. For that reason, the drive between the two must feel like a real drag, unless you’re on the X-Train that is.

The idea is for the X-Train to transport passengers between LA and Las Vegas in style. You would find a luxury bar complete with a full-functioning casino and restaurant that should be enough to make the five-and-a-half-hour trip between the two iconic cities feel like just minutes. In fact, don’t be surprised if you’re not ready to leave the train even after you’ve reached your destination.

While this train isn’t yet available to the public, they’re projecting that it’ll begin operation toward the end of 2021. You have some time to make your plans!


Casinos all over the world have tried to stand out from the crowd, but these are the ones that have actually accomplished that feat. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to visit all of the establishments on this list, I highly recommend taking the trip to visit at least one.

Or you could make plans to visit a different casino listed in this article every few years and hope you get them all in before you die. The only way to know is to start making plans.

In the end, there’s something to be said about a trip to the casino that will leave you feeling like a winner whether or not you won or lost money gambling.

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